Hi 👋 I'm Anirudh Rowjee

CS Student @ PES University | Full-Stack Developer, Databases + Systems Enthusiast

I like building things, breaking them, and then breaking them to understand how to build them.


Git Up and Running (Git 101)

This post is my best attempt to put into words a talk I gave (by the same title) at my University a couple of times. Grab a cup of coffee/tea/water, and let's learn about Git!
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Fixing a Bug in Meilisearch

How I made my first Hacktoberfest 2021 Contribution in Rustlang
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Are we putting ourselves in boxes or containers?
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Decorators by Example in Python 🐍 🍩

Trying to understand what a decorator in Python is, and how to use it
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built with probot | github apps framework | javascript | node | mongodb | digitalocean

A Github Bot to assist in the conduction of ACM PESUECC HackNight 2021

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built with rust | tokio

A Small FTP Client written in Rust

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E2EE Toolkit

built with python | flask | html + css

A Flask Application which implements and demonstrates End-To-End Encryption with the Diffie-Hellman-Merkle Key Exchange Protocol

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Electronic Election System

built with django | bootstrap | python | jquery | html + css

A cloud-based electronic election system for school cabinet elections

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    • Check

      Contributed to Meilisearch

      Got my first PR to a large Rust project accepted!

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      LaunchPad 2021

      Helped organize and conduct LaunchPad 2021, HackerSpace PESUECC's First Ideathon

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      Tech Lead: Hacknight 2021

      Helped organize and conduct ACM PESUECC Hacknight 3.0 as the Tech Lead, setting up the bounty bot and the leaderboard, and guiding a team of maintainers.

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      Git Up and Running 2021

      Conducted a workshop on Git and Github, introducing students to these extremely useful technologies in an easy-to-understand and hands-on manner.

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      Became The Core Team Lead of HackerSpace PESUECC

      Got the chance to spearhead the introduction of the HackerSpace Club at PESU ECC!

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      Started Learning Rust

      This is a really cool language!


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      Joined PES University

      Joined PES University for my B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering

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      Finished my Schooling

      Graduated just in the nick of time!