here are some of the things I've built!


A Github Bot to assist in the conduction of ACM PESUECC HackNight 2021

probot, github apps framework, javascript, node, mongodb, digitalocean

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A Small FTP Client written in Rust

rust, tokio

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E2EE Toolkit

A Flask Application which implements and demonstrates End-To-End Encryption with the Diffie-Hellman-Merkle Key Exchange Protocol

python, flask, html + css

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Electronic Election System

A cloud-based electronic election system for school cabinet elections

django, bootstrap, python, jquery, html + css

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An Application to issue and validate QR-Code based invites via email to school students

django, bootstrap, jquery, python, html + css

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A limited-feature clone of SQLite


A Clone of the `pv` (pipeviewer)

rust, crossbeam

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Hacknight Leaderboard

A ReactJS Competition Leaderboard to display scores and rankings

react, tailwindcss, html + css

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A basic markdown parser written in Rust


A Simulator for competitive exams written in Vue

vue, bootstrap, vuex, html + css

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A python program to transfer files over LAN


A Simple Flask-based teleprompter

websockets, flask, node, javascript, html + css

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A Django Application to manage a small library

django, bootstrap, python, jquery, javascript, html + css

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Tic Tac Toe AI with Minimax

A Rudimentary AI for Tic Tac Toe using Minimax with no pruning written in C

C, address sanitizer

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